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Downloads since 10 April 2000


I'm talking about a remake of a classic videogame of early '80 : TRON©

I started learning 80x86 assembly and I thought made a game remake was an interesting test.

If you want to play with TROFF© just DOWNLOAD THE .EXE FILE HERE (34 Kb) and execute it.

The project started on 07 April 2000

The current version available for download is : 0.8 ( Released 02 May 2000 )

Requirements are very low, I haven't tried Troff on a 386 machine but I think It can works.

TROFF is FREEWARE, please read the Troff.txt file included in the download package, thanks.

Send me your comments or bugs report at : Thank you.

If you like emulation please visit my site at

That's all Folks!!!


Troff Copyright (c) 2000, Alessandro Costa

Tron Copyright (c) of actual owner/s